The Happy Leprachaun 16 x 20

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​ Leprechauns are said to be solitary and, though shy and understandably cautious about humans, they are full of impish humor and love playing practical jokes.  Read more . . . 

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Inspired by tales of magic and wonder

Featured Work

Deer Woman 16 x 20

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Deer Woman is a fairy of Southeast Native American lore. She personifies a warning to us, and especially young men, about the importance of having integrity, respect, and self-restraint in the games of love and courtship.  Read more  . . .

Brownie 16 x 20

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Some elves, like brownies, like to help around the house. They’ll make chores a breeze and keep your home happy and in good order so long as you don’t disappoint them or hurt their overly delicate feelings. Read more . . .

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Hecate's Key 16 x 20

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One of the symbols of Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic and protection, is the key. The key unlocks the gates to other worlds and gives access to divine mysteries.​ Read more . . .


in the Works

Limnadina  16 x 20 

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Limnadina is a type of water nymph (naiad) whose special realm is lakes. This image of a fairy-folk being honors the Limnades of Greco-Roman lore. Read more . . . 


Queen Mab 16 x 20

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Queen Mab, the wee Fairy Queen, is first mentioned in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Read more . . .