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A few years ago, I began to think it a good idea to make images of people as their ideal spiritual selves and that these images served better as meditation images than images of favorite deities or saints because, in worshiping deities, we forget that we are doing so to manifest the qualities we most value and that may serve us in our darkest hour. This fledgling project took a poignant turn recently when a close friend was handed the news that she required a double mastectomy because a cancer had been found in her BRCA-1 gene-positive body. She asked me to take some pictures to turn into art en homage to her soon-to-be-gone breasts. I was among her inner circle who lent support while she went through the journey of terror and resistance, to action, self-empowerment, courage, and trust and on to recovery. I was able to deliver the picture at left on the eve of her double mastectomy. She said it made a real difference in going in to the life-changing event. It was a remembrance of her true nature in the Light.  

The Heart in my Breast Project

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when all is One and One is All

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Limnadina  16 x 20  glicee print

Limnadina is a type of water nymph (naiad) whose special realm is lakes. This image of a fairy-folk being honors the Limnades of Greco-Roman lore. Read more . . . 

Queen Mab 16 x 20 glicee print

​​Queen Mab, the wee Fairy Queen, is first mentioned in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Read more . . .