Bomos is the Greek word for altar platform. The image at left is an adaption of a the 12th plate of an alchemical picture book called The Azoth of the Philosophers. It depicts the process of alchemy--both as a laboratory exercise and as spiritual pathwork via ascension through the planetary spheres. These images are available as glicee canvas wraps and handmade altar tables.  

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The Evocation of Hope

16 x 20  glicee print

for the magically inclined

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Inspired by tales of magic and wonder

Featured Work

I seek to create magical and spiritual imagery that draws the viewer into an ineffable sense of mystery and spiritual revelation. In my art, illustration, and portraiture I want to make you long for what you most loved about fairy tales and reflect on what your most magical and spiritual aspirations are.

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when all is One and One is All

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Limnadina  16 x 20  glicee print

Limnadina is a type of water nymph (naiad) whose special realm is lakes. This image of a fairy-folk being honors the Limnades of Greco-Roman lore. Read more . . . 

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Queen Mab 16 x 20 glicee print

​​Queen Mab, the wee Fairy Queen, is first mentioned in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Read more . . .