Azoth bomos altar
Almadel bomos altar

Altars/Bomos for the Magically Inclined

Almadel bomos glicee canvas wrap

The grimoire known as the Ars Almadel (or Almandel) is Part 4 of the Lesser Key of Solomon (also known as the Legemeton, compiled in the 17th century). The Almadel describes the construction of 4 wax tablets, measuring 6 x 6 inches. They are used to evoke solar angels in their appointed times and seasons. This 24 x 24 inch bomos depicts all 4 tables and includes the angels of the directions of space and the zodiac. Learn more about my process and inspiration here. Canvas wraps of the image are $200. Order it now.Bomos are $500 and are made to order.

Azoth bomos giclee canvas wrap

 Bomos is the Greek term for an altar platform.

Dee Rapposelli  Art/Illustration 

Azoth bomos altar


This image at left is an adaption of an alchemical mandala that has long fascinated me and many others. That mandala is the 12th plate of an alchemical picture book called The Azoth of the Philosophers. It depicts the process of alchemy--both as a laboratory exercise and as spiritual pathwork via ascension through the planetary spheres. Learn more about my process here.  Canvas wraps of the image are $200. Order it now. Bomos are $500 and include plexiglass top. They are made to order.