Dee Rapposelli  Art/Illustration 

Creature Comforts

Magical, Mythical, Mystical You!

​Get inspired. Let me reimage you or a loved one into the imp, mermaid, deity, or spiritual ideal that you are. A powerful contemplative focus and ideal gift and keepsake.

I like to call these "digital collages." They are not staged photographs, but bits of photography --mostly from my local surroundings, pieced together to present familiar narratives about myth, magic, and spirituality. 

  • Have you always want to be a mermaid or a character from fairy tale or myth?                                
  • Are you deeply spiritual, holding in your mind's eye a divine ideal to aspire to? 

  •  Are you  or a loved one going through a major life change--such as a pregnancy or mastectomy--and want an empowering documentation of it?                                                                 
  • Do your have a child whose adorable youth you want to capture before time swiftly passes?                                          
  • ​Are you looking for the perfect keepsake gift.