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Limnadina is a type of water nymph (naiad) whose special realm is lakes. This image of a fairy-folk being honors the Limnades of Greco-Roman lore. Traditionally depicted as graceful, gorgeous grown women, Limnades and other types of naiades give all good things, as they are the elemental energy of the life-sustaining waters.

 Besides nourishing the green earth and sating human thirst, limnades and their sister naiades, protect the young, especially girls, and safely guide them to adulthood. They have the power to restore the sick to health and inspire clairvoyance, prophetic powers, and poetry.

 How to honor the Limnades and Naiades and gain their blessing in ritual, daily living, and social action:

  • Offer sweet scents of flowers, herbs, and trees as well as inspired sounds of poetry and song
  • Care for the young as if they were all your own
  • Walk in remembrance in Nature. Do your part to protect it, ever remembering that the waters flowing from the ocean and falling as rain from the heavens to rivers and streams, lakes and ponds are no less than the blood in your veins and that of every living creature. 


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