Queen Mab 

Abundance, Prosperity, Humor, and Sweet Dreams

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Queen Mab, the wee Fairy Queen, is first mentioned in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet:

                                   She is the fairies' midwife, and she comes

                                    In shape no bigger than an agate stone

                                      On the forefinger of an alderman

                                   Drawn with a team of little atomies

                               Over men's noses as they lie asleep.

-                                              -William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet

 Shakespeare’s Queen Mab gets her kicks from influencing the dreams of humans and interfering with their pets and livestock while they sleep. In this way, 19th century historian Thomas Keightley tells us that Queen Mab may be synonymous with the French fairy queen Dame Habonde. Like all Celtic and Germanic fairy-folk, she is small and impish and can be cruel to human-folk, delighting in mischief and mayhem. But fairy folk, although mischievous, tend to return kindness for kindness and give boons to those they favor. Queen Mab is said to bestow inspired dreams. Dame Habonde, in other lore, is said to bestow prosperity and she is likely a medieval version of the Roman goddess Abundantia (Celtic Habondia), who is the personification of well-being, abundance, and prosperity.

 How to honor Queen Mab and gain her favor in ritual, daily living, and social action.

  •  Dance!
  • Create space for fairy circles where the fae can dance
  • Beautify your sleeping quarters; leave small, glittery gifts there for the fairies to steal (they’ll return them); and take self-care steps to have restful sleep and wonderful dreams
  • Stay positively cheerful and meet every kink in the road with a grand sense of humor
  • Remember, kindness begets kindness
  • Live in gratitude and hospitality
  • Serve the less fortunate and advocate for the humane treatment of animals