​   Your Magical Child​ 

Dee Rapposelli  Art/Illustration 



 How do women cope with breast cancer diagnoses? When a close friend and model of mine was faced with a double mastectomy, she asked me to do a photo shoot to commemorate her breasts. "Dee, do your magic and transform me, bare breasted, into the Buddhist image of Tara [the Bodhisattva of Compassion]," she requested. I was able to deliver the image to her on the eve of her surgery--and it made a world of difference to her in getting through and carrying on.  I aim to bring such service to other women who need strength, positive imaging, and spiritual light in challenging times. 

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     Perfect keepsakes and  cherished gifts to          hold the memories of family and childhood. 

​   Unique digital portraits of you and your cuties.

​   & The Heart in My Breast Project


 Do you have a photo that captures the uniquely magical spirit of a child? Do you have a family memory that you would love to brighten a loved one's life with remembrance of?

I can transform that image into a stunning statement about that uniquely special person or moment. 

Impressive gifts and wonderful keepsakes.

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